Mitsubishi, one of the leading manufacturers of automobile from Japan, has introduced some of the most fascinating designs of cars. The cars are available in economy, SUV and sports models. The Mitsubishi cars are known for their attractive exterior, emphasis on safety in driving and luxurious interior. The new Mitsubishi Brisbane dealers sell is on display at all the authorized showrooms, and one can have a look at the various models with great ease.

New Mitsubishi Brisbane
New Mitsubishi Brisbane

Test drive:

When you visit the car dealers, the sales executives will provide you all the technical details of the car. In case you want to go on a test ride, the dealers of the new Mitsubishi Brisbane wide, will arrange for such a drive. However, normally you will be required to book your appointment for a test drive. Further, a technician of the authorized dealer will accompany you for the test drive. As you drive, the technician will keep explaining about the various features of the car. This will help you to make a clear assessment of the performance and the utilities available in the car.

Different models:

Some of the popular cars among the new Mitsubishi Brisbane dealers sell are Mirage, Lancer, Outlander and Pajero. These popular brands are available in different models like Lancer Ralliant, Lancer Evolution, ASX and so on. Salient features of some of these brands of cars are briefly narrated here: Click here Brisbane City Automotive for more details.

Challenger: One of the important features of this Brisbane Mitsubishi car is the elevated driving position. As a result of this, the driver will get a clear view of the traffic. As far as the interior is concerned, the car has a touch screen display, elegant multi-utility panel and sufficient leg space. In addition to this, the car has utilities like the DVD, music system, Bluetooth, air conditioner and various other features. As far as exterior is concerned, the car has a fog lamp, rain sensing wiper, dark sensing head lamps, air bags and privacy glass. The car has 17ā€ alloy steel base, 5 speed driving option, along with 4 HLC to drive on slippery roads. The car is available in various models.

Mirage: This is a five door car ideal for a family of five adults. The car is available in several colors and shades. The car is known for its compact design and undisputed style. The car is provided with 60/40 split rear bench seat. In addition to these, the car has luxury features like air conditioner, Bluetooth, DVD player, air bag and so on. The Mirage car has unique ā€˜Uā€™ turning range of just 4.6 meters! Other salient features include rain sensing wiper, dark sensing head lamp, continuous variable transmission, five speed control and 15ā€ alloy base.

Pre-owned cars: The authorized dealers also market pre owned cars. The pre-owned cars Brisbane dealers sell are available with appropriate warranty. The pre owned cars are available in all brands like Brisbane Skoda, Mitsubishi and various other brands of cars.

Authorized servicing and repair center:

These dealers are also the authorized repair and service centers of all brands of Mitsubishi cars. For this purpose, the dealers have established modern workshops that are in tune with the standards prescribed by the Mitsubishi automobiles. They also market genuine spare parts for Mitsubishi and various other brands of cars.