There is a reason why most nursing facilities host a lot of socialising activities like dances, banquet halls, parties, luncheons and even road trips for seniors. A study by a Boston Medical Center Professor showed that socialising helps people to live longer and healthier. That is why it is important to conduct thorough research on an NSW aged care facility when the time has come for your senior loved ones to transition to aged care.


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However, not all seniors are the same. What may work for one senior may not be true to all others. In this case, not all seniors celebrate socialisation. In fact, there are seniors who love to spend their time alone and are entertained by their own thoughts and reflections. If your senior loved ones are part of the introvert group, you may want to ensure that the NSW aged care facility you select has activities that are appropriate for introverts and will not make them feel pressured to socialise at all.

Being an introvert is not all about being shy, reserved or bashful or doesn’t like to be with people. Although introverts really display those traits, it is not the actual definition of their personality. It has something to do with how introvert seniors recharge themselves that may be different from other seniors in the group. Extroverts are inspired by everything around them. They want to be in a lively atmosphere. They draw inspiration from outside force and that is where they recharge their internal batteries. The case is quite different with introverts. Introvert seniors gather inspiration from within. They do not need an external force to motivate or inspire them. All they need is to be where they can reflect and observe people without being the center of attention.

If you believe that your senior loved ones are introverts, take a look at these tips to ensure that their transition to an NSW aged care facility will be a lot easier and stress-free:

1. Give them Privacy. Introverts like to be in a place where they can recharge and rest their minds. So make sure that the facility that offers aged care NSW wide give you an option to choose a private room other than sharing a room with someone else.

2. Quiet Activities. Select a New South Wales aged care facility that promotes quiet group activities for introverted seniors. As simple as painting or pottery can help them draw inspiration from within while they keep their hands busy. Your aged loved ones will surely enjoy the peace and quiet while doing something productive.

3. Exercises. As people age, it is important that they still keep in shape. That is why they need to continue proper breathing exercises and flexibility routines to help keep their balance. However, you have to carefully select the exercises that they can join. Select a nursing home that offers Yoga and Tai Chi as these exercises are meditative and do not require too much external stimulation. They can even perform these in the privacy of their own rooms.

4. Opt for Independent Living. Although there are residential homes where seniors can stay and live with other people their age, it might not be an ideal situation for your introverted seniors. That is why choosing an independent living or retirement homes is better as it gives them maximum independence as possible. They will have their own house with their own yard that they can tend to. They will also have total control of their social calendar, attending only those activities or events that they are really interested in. This is a perfect solution to provide your senior loved ones with tranquility without making them feel isolated or abandoned.

The above are just a few tips to help ensure that your introverted seniors will still live their lives to the fullest. You don’t have to force them to socialise with other seniors especially if socialising isn’t really their strength. They would appreciate it better if you consult them for the kind of facility that they may want to be part of. This will avoid future disappointments and stress when you finally send your seniors to an age care NSW facility. Visit