A transportation network company has been created in the year 2009 to aid transportation problems in big cities. Waiting for the bus ride or a taxi service can be a hassle especially when there’s a lot of you waiting in line. Uber gave a source of income for people who are looking for a job and easy access to people who are always on the go. With this type of company, Uber cars and rentals have made transportation convenient for both driver and passenger.

Why Drive for This Transportation Network Company?

1.     Make decent wage in your own schedule.                                                             

If you work from 9 to 5 and have a few extra hours to drive, why not use it to drive passengers from point A to point B? In this way, you can earn extra income just by using your personal car. If you don’t have any, there are companies that allow you to rent a car for Uber, try out http://keyz.com.au for more information.

2.     Earn more money as you upgrade to VIP.

In a rideshare company like Uber, a system called Star Rating is created to rate both driver and passenger. Riders who are upgraded to VIP can use drivers with a 4.8-star rating. Which means drivers who have this kind of rating are known to be drivers that provide better service and are likely earning more. Uber Cars gives everyone the opportunity to earn more!

3.     Get the chance to meet new people.

Being your own boss in the Uber market means you can do anything that you like. You can communicate and make friends with your passengers and even exchange interests and ideas. At the end of your shift, you do not only gain extra income but you also gain friends.

4.     Driver Discounts

Who would have thought that being a driver means more discount to anything? Uber rideshare is partnering up with companies so you can make up for the service that you have done for them. Discounts from companies depend on the country or region that you come from. Talk about having many discounts for driving people to their destination!

Types of Cars That You Can Rent or Need to Have to Join Uber

With the constant change of driving provisions, Uber cars have set some ground rules before people decide on joining. Drivers who want to become a part of a rideshare service have to know the factors that they need to consider. Issues like car quality, insurance, and overall service are solved with the requirements that they have imposed. The type of car, make, and year of purchase are also important to avoid overheated engines, Keyz, unbalanced wheels, and the like. The cars needed to drive for Uber are as follows:

1.      UberX – 4 door cars or minivans.

2.      UberXL – Large vehicles like SUV’s that accommodate a large number of passengers.

3.      UBERSELECT – Luxurious vehicles are needed for this.

4.      UBERSUV – A large luxurious vehicle.

5.      UberBLACK –  Luxurious sedans with professional drivers.

6.      UberLUX – High-end vehicles with chauffeurs.

7.      UberPOOL – Ride Uber with other people. It is more likely a Carpool.

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