Java EE refers to the Java Platform Enterprise Edition and it is the standard in the industry when it comes to the community driven enterprise software. The software has been developed through the Java Community Process with the help of various industry experts, open source organizations, commercial organizations, the various Java User Groups and many other countless individuals and organizations. The Java EE programming course is designed for users who want to take their mastery of Java to a whole new level so that they can become indispensable software developers.

By mastering Java EE programming, you will develop the requisite skills that will help you utilize this lightweight Java web profile in order to build the next generation of web applications. This training program is the best way to open pathways for yourself for success as a software developer.

The Java EE programming course is targeted at students who already have a good knowledge of Java programming. In order to for this coursework to be effective, you will also need to be familiar with areas such as web application programming as well as servlets and JSPs.

An Overview of the Java EE Programming Course

This programming course is the best starting point for any Java EE developer out there who wants to learn about the servlets and JSPs. It includes various programming topics which are specific to the Java Servlets and the Java Server Pages or the JSPs. In this course work, you will cover all the basics of the Java EE. But you will also touch on some of the advanced topics of the Java EE programming. These include areas such as the following:-

·         JDBC

·         JavaBeans

·         The JSP Standard Tag Library

·         The Model, View, Controller or MVC

In addition to these, you will get to cover some of the more advanced Java EE Programming concepts like the security, annotations as well as the Java Server Faces.

Some Prerequisites for undertaking the Java EE Programming Course

To undertake this course, you need to have some coding experience and must also have undertaken the Java SE Introductory and Advanced courses. It is generally preferred that you also have some web programming experience when you are undertaking this course program.

The Introduction to the Java EE programming course will take you five days. It is the best starting point for the Java developers and you will acquaint yourself with various skills that have been discussed above in detail.

The Advanced Java EE course will take duration of 5 days too. Some of the concepts that the students will be introduced to include the following:-

·         The Enterprise JavaBeans or EJBs

·         Ability to work with the complex entity relationships

·         You will learn to differentiate between the stateless and the stateful session beans

·         You will learn how to use the Java EE Tools in the Eclipse WTP.

·         Learn how to use the message-driven beans

·         Learn how to manipulate data including inserting, retrieving and updating of data.

·         Learn about the use of the EJB 3 design patterns

·         Learn the JPA QL