According to an exclusive drive analysis of Australian industry supplied figures, 2015 saw the highest penetration of luxury vehicles ever in Australia with more than one in every 10 vehicles being a luxury vehicle. This is a clear indication that more Australians are realizing that a luxurious car is more than just another expensive asset to their collection. These cars bring with them comfort, and tremendously boost the confidence of a car owner. Who would not want their car to be the envy of many? There is a wide range of luxury vehicles in the market, including the new Mitsubishi ASX. A luxury car enthusiast can easily break down the many reasons why they pick a luxury car over other cars. Below are some of the reasons you are likely to hear.

They are fuel efficient

Luxury cars can cover unbelievably long distances yet still minimize on the amount of fuel spent. This is because the engines that are installed in these vehicles are designed in a manner that they consume little fuel. Therefore, a Mitsubishi ASX car owner does not have to worry about getting stuck in the middle of nowhere once their tanks are full. This can be quite cost saving too.


The quality and efficiency of luxury cars are what is put first by manufacturers. Before a new Mitsubishi lancer is released into the market, for example, it undergoes a series of testing as well as pre-driving. Also the parts that are used in the manufacture of the vehicles are genuine quality parts. Quality means that they are safe and durable as well.

Comfort to users

This is a no brainer. Luxury cars like the Mitsubishi ASX bring with them the kind of comfort that is unrealizable with other cars. For drivers who are doing long distances, comfort is the least of their problems for most of these cars come with adjustable seats that allow drivers to shift to comfortable positions while driving. The seats also come with soft surfaces that make sitting for long hours bearable. They are mostly made of materials like leather. Click here Toowong Mitsubishi

Modern technology

Some of the technologies employed in the manufacture of these vehicles are mind blowing. For example, there are automated talk machines that will welcome you to the car as you approach it; how cool does it get! Additionally, GPS comes installed in these vehicles. Thus, in case you are driving to a new place in Brisbane, you do not have to worry about getting lost; the GPS will be your tour guide. You can also know the fuel prices of new places as well as dealers who offer car servicing Brisbane wide.

Buying luxury Mitsubishi cars Australia dealers sell is a worthwhile investment. You will not only stand to benefit from the luxurious comfort, the features installed in them carry but also enjoy the confidence boosting properties that come with people turning their heads for your vehicle, benefit from fuel efficiency, good quality as well as modern technology.